A bit about me


When I think about myself and have to put myself in a nutshell, it’s a tough one for me. I’m so many things just like everyone else is. Instead of telling you a bunch of facts, I’m going to tell you what I love. That’ll tell you more about me than anything else will

I LOVE FREEDOM. Freedom is the core value of my life and the core of my work with all my clients, regardless of what age they are. My license plate has an eagle on it. I believe we can’t have the vital and abundant life possible for us if we’re not externally and internally free.

I love to help my clients become free and can’t be free unless we can be authentic. My goal for myself and all of my clients, regardless of age is to live from our authentic self and live authentic lives.

Anyone who knows me knows that I will question anything.

Maybe it’s because I was brought up in a very religious Jewish family and was sent to parochial school where we studied the Torah. “Why” was the word we used all day long. We turned things upside-down and inside out. “Why did he do this?” “Why did they say it like that?” We left nothing unquestioned. We would dissect the meaning of the placement of a dot! I was exposed to a certain kind of thinking that has influenced my life and makes me the kind of practitioner I am.

I love understanding how things work. I love to analyze things and see the dynamics that come together to make them what they are. I love to discover how consciousness works and how we create our realities.

I love finding the core issues in my clients' sufferings because once we find the core it makes sense of things for them, and we can quickly  unravel the issue.

My love of how things work shows up in my love of words. Most people take words for granted, but they hold our understandings of things that we don’t even know we know.

For example, a word that we say without thinking is remember, which means to reconnect to something that one has cut oneself off from. It also denotes that the thing that was reconnected to was never lost. It's a choice we can always make in each moment to re-member.


I love the different nuances in words, the shades of meaning that change with the word we use. I love all of language. And I mean ALL of it. From the most uncommon word in the dictionary to the juiciest of curse words..Maybe I love language because my mom was a language teacher, or maybe because I was a writer by nature and that showed up in my life when I was very young.

Maybe it's because I hear between the lines of what people say and then help them put their feelings into words


My love of art showed up when I was little also. I’d draw my mom as she stood against a chair with her long-stemmed cigarette holder and cigarette. Boy, have things changed! Anyway, creativity is everything to me. It’s my heartbeat.

Freedom and creativity are one and the same to me and I love helping people become free.

I have an eagle on my license plate and I love to spot eagles soaring through the air. To me creativity is not about art but about being inspired. When we’re inspired we can’t help but be creative. We are the Devine expressing itself repeatedly through our creativity in the ways we approach life.


I love hand drumming, and the feeling of being one with a rhythm in a drum circle is indescribable. All I know is the moment I realize I’m in it, it’s gone. It’s an amazing moment. I LOVE to dance. I dance anywhere there is music, even to Muzak. I used to embarrass my son by dancing in stores as soon as I’d hear music. He’s grown up now and just says, “Yup, that’s my mom.” For my exercise, I dance to electronica dance music before I start my day. 

I deeply love the Devine source of our being, the infinite conciousssness that I call God and all of how the Devine works in our lives. I love quantum physics, and the more I learn, the more I feel that we aren't far away from scientists confirming the existence of a God energy -- a cosmic mind that we are able to access that inspires us and gifts us.

I’m producing an album of inspirational music to spoken word. I’ve gotten such positive feedback from people who have heard the songs in their rough form that it’s making the long process of production worthwhile. It may take years until my album is done, but I’m putting one foot in front of the other, focusing on the process instead of the goal. Hearing the songs form as I have them in mind is thrilling.

I’m living my life with more vitality and excitement than I ever have. I believe God gives us all special gifts to make our livelihood easy for us. My gift is intuiting the how and why a person is stuck, knowing what needs to happen to unravel it and then helping them to clear it -- not just becoming more educated about it or coming to terms with it, but CLEARING it. Unless we do that we think, we’re moving forward and find ourselves stuck in the same place repeatedly.

It’s such a great feeling when I look over at my client and ask them how they feel about the issue that bothered them so much and have them say, "Well, actually it doesn't bother me anymore.", or "I can see it so differently now." ,or "I'm not afraid now." or "My pain is gone now." (emotional or physical). I love to hear them as they realize the truth of their power.

I’m a healer and a coach, and depending on what my clients' need is, that’s the hat I wear. And because I do both, I’m able to address so many issues — anything from chronic physical conditions to emotional pain, toxic relationships, self- sabotaging behaviors of all kinds and more.

My path to becoming a healer came very young. When I was about twenty years old I felt a calling to do “laying on of hands.”

My journey to becoming the practitioner I am today took many stops along the way. I became a nurse, energetic healer and homeopath. I learned all about how energetic patterns affect our health and well-being. I studied how our emotions and past affects us, and added that piece to my understanding of how we grow. I became a psychosynthesist, which allows me to address any issue ranging from issues needing psychotherapy to issues needing coaching. Psychosynthesis is a self-actualization process that incorporates spirituality and honors the wisdom of our higher selves. I became certified as an interactive imagery therapist and in different forms of hypnosis, and then found Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT). EFT allows me to clear emotional and physical traumas, as well as self-limiting beliefs. It's a perfect marriage to my intuitive gifts and I continue to have tremendous success with it addressing all types of issues. Using EFT with my clients allows me to help them clear issues in the greatest speed I have ever seen anything work. It’s often at stunning speeds.

I used to have a lot of doubt about what my path was in life. I don't have anymore doubts.

I found my path, and I'm living it. In my practice I get to see people blossom all the time. I love my clients and look forward to getting up each day to do our sessions.

I believe everyone has the right to find their path and live it. Only by living our vision can we truly find our joy and be the blessing to the world that each of us was born to be.

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You were meant to soar. I can't wait to watch you fly!

Shulamit Lazarus EftMRA
 Personal Transformation Specialist
  • Advanced EFT Practitioner
  • Transpersonal Coach
  • Imagery Therapist
  • Energetic Healer
  • Whole Life Coach
  • Homeopath
  • Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner
  • Intuitive

Phone and Office Sessions
(973) 259-1988


  • Fears
  • Self Esteem
  • Self Sabotage
  • Emotional Eating
  • Weight Issues
  • Chronic Pain
  • Health Problems
  • Intimacy
  • Stress Issues
  • Career Issues
  • Abundance blocks
  • Procrastination
  • Performance Blocks
  • Creativity Blocks
  • Spiritual Blocks
  • Mission & Purpose