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(Fear of doing cold calling for a sales professional)

"Clarissa" is a pretty and vivacious young woman in advertising sales for several years, who came to me for help in clearing success blocks in getting new clients.

"I have periods when I've been in the groove in getting accounts but I feel that there is something that stops me from moving forward and I can't move through it.  I have to do cold calls to get leads for my business and when I get a person who sounds impatient I don't call anyone for the rest of the day -- like they just feel I'm a nuisance to them. It ruins the rest of my day."

We cleared Clarissa's fear of cold call rejection with EFT and NLP re-framing and by the next session Clarissa stated:

"I've been doing cold calling really easily since our last session and when I get someone who seems annoyed I don't take it personally. I just move on. I have a lot more energy at the end of my day and have been getting much more interest in my projects from people. 

Now I look forward to calling prospective clients. I never felt that way before. Our work made such a difference."

(Feeling of being alone and incapable):

"Anna" is a vibrant, creative and intelligent woman who came to me for help for feelings of sadness and chronic feeling of isolation. Anna is an engineer by training and yet doesn't feel capable.  She was in a long-standing relationship that she wasn't happy with but stayed because she was afraid to be alone.

"I always feel like I'm all alone in the world. When I think about about trying to make things happen in my life, I feel incapable."

We found that a major source of her feeling alone was an experience she had as a child while on vacation. She and her mother had gone to a hotel room together. She fell asleep in the hotel room and when she awoke her mother was gone. She was bleary-headed from waking, and instantly became terrified that her mother had left her.

She found her mother at the pool, but it wasn't enough to neutralize the scare in her. She created and lived her life from that fear of being alone.

Together we cleared the emotional charge left in her by her experience, and her perspective immediately shifted. She didn't feel like the little girl anymore so she was able to feel the adult resources inside her. She was able to think about leaving her relationship without feeling fear.

"It's hard to believe that all my adult life I've felt like a lonely child. I never could find any enjoyable childhood memories before. Now I can remember fun things I did with my parents. Wow! It's amazing what happens when you get unstuck." 

(Success blocks)

Dear Shulamit,

I've always been so close so many times to achieving huge successes but somehow always just "seemed" to miss. It wasn't until our session that I realized what was holding me back. And it put my whole life in a context I could understand for the first time in my life. I got for the first time that there was only space for success for one person in our family and it had to be my dad. He gave me messages that I never realized before. In our EFT session and through your insightful re-framing I started out the session feeling young and sad. By the end of our session I felt adult, present, and felt that my father being threatened by my success was not my problem anymore. 

I feel that I can be fully successful now.

I am still absorbing the stuff of it, or the release of it.
It was life changing. 

Thank you.

Marvin B. (Film Producer, New Mexico)

(Long-standing love pain)

When we started our session there was a wall inside me I never let anyone get past. When I was younger my girlfriend cheated on me and I never let anyone in that far again. I've been carrying that wall in me for thirty years. At the end of our session the pain of the incident was gone and so is the wall. Makes me want to get closer to my wife.

C. Smith (Engineer, New Jersey)

(Inability to assert boundaries)

What are you doing to me Shulamit? (laughter)

I'm a different person now. Before when people treated me badly I was like a mouse. Now I'm outspoken. My self-confidence is higher and I don't settle for crumbs in my relationships anymore.

I feel like I'm a different person but I'm actually finally feeling like me.

Thank you so much for your work. It's great!

Jennifer V. (Cosmetician, New Jersey)

(Long-standing perfectionism):

"Jeffrey" is a middle-aged business executive who came to me for help with stress and a chronic drive for perfectionism that prevented him from enjoying his life and accomplishments. Jeffrey had been to conventional therapy and had an intellectual understanding of his issues, but wasn't able to clear them. 

"I'm always under the pressure to deliver. It doesn't matter what I did the day before. As a kid my dad was always on me to be the best in sports. You could never rest because you had to keep it up. It didn't matter how well you did the day before in a game. My dad always reminded me that someone is going to take my spot.

I landed a huge account and I let myself internalize the pleasure for two days and immediately I'm on myself to have do it again. I need to be looked at as the best.  It's not about how well I'm doing. It's about how well I'm doing compared to others. If I'm not better than they are all the time, then I'm not good enough."

Together we found a core feeling of shame that related to how his dad treated him when he lost a game in sports. Even when Jeffrey won, his dad didn't credit him. Instead he warned him, "There is always someone waiting to take your spot." The feeling of not being enough kept him looping in perfectionism. 

In the followup session after we had cleared Jeffery's perfectionsitic need he said, "I'm being more productive but it's not from feeling pressure. I'm feeling so much more accepting of myself. 

I've always been a runner but I stopped for a few years and was always procrastinating, getting back into it because I felt I wouldn't be able to excel immediately, so why bother? Since our sessions, I noticed I'm fine about going out and going at my own pace. Now I can just enjoy it for it's own sake. 

It feels great to get off my back and to feel I'm lovable just the way I am. I'm enjoying feeling proud of myself and the feeling is lasting."

(Social anxiety)

Lauren suffered for years from spontaneous blushing when she was talking to someone. She never knew when it was going to happen, and it was affecting her work and social interactions. The source of the experience was one that she had completely forgotten about -- an incident in kindergarten when her teacher told the class that she wanted everyone to be quiet "no matter what." 

Lauren was brought up to be very obedient and didn’t dare ask to go to the bathroom because she was afraid of her teacher getting angry. She ended up wetting herself. When her teacher realized what happened, she pulled Lauren out of the class in a perfunctory way and took her to the nurse's office to call her mother for dry clothing. Lauren was embarrassed and ashamed and carried it with her ever since. 

 Using EFT cleared the shame of that incident, and Lauren found she was almost immediately more socially at ease and had no more spontaneous blushing.

(Long-standing lack of sexual desire)

"Bernard" is a sixty year old client of mine who came to me wanting help for his lack of sex drive. It had always been a source of pain for him and his wife. He had tried supplements, herbal aphrodisiacs and even testosterone-like products. According to Bernard, "They did zilch." It wasn't like that all his life. He did have a very strong drive as a young man. 

We used interactive imagery to uncover his beliefs around his sexuality. I had him have a conversation with the young man that he had once been, and he was shocked when he found himself saying to the younger version of himself, "Everyone knows that when you get older your sex drive goes down." Once we knew what was governing him we cleared the belief with EFT. I asked him how his drive and sexual enjoyment have been since our session. Here are his words: 

"I experience an intensity of my desire, buildup and orgasm that's beyond compare to my twenties. Everything is double. It's big. It's great. I'm a Tyrannosaurus!"

(Chronic feelings of sadness)


I've had depression for years. I've been on medications, but eventually they stop working. Even while I was on them I never felt completely OK. Before our sessions I would get these gloomy feelings and go into crying for hours and nothing would get me out of it.

It's pretty amazing to realize that we've only had six sessions and already I feel so different. I've had the best week, I feel better and better after each of our sessions.

If I can just give one person hope writing this, it will be worthwhile. I wish I had found you years ago. I wouldn't have had to go through all this suffering.

My husband said he can see the difference in me. The way you work with EFT is the only thing that has every really helped me.

I used to be scared to be home alone. I was always scared one of my depressive episodes would hit. Now I'm happy to be home and I feel so peaceful in a way I never did before. I'm enjoying taking care of my kids. It's been a long time since I felt that way.

I hope that people who have depression will read this letter and call you so that they don't have to suffer anymore.

You're really gifted at what you do.

Lisa P. (Entrepreneur, New York)

(Posted on a blog and sent to me)

For a little over 2 months now I've been seeing a wonderful EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) practitioner. Her name is Shulamit Lazarus. 

I cannot say enough about Shulamit and EFT. 

For years I have been repeating cycles of behavior and thinking that I have not been able to free myself from them. Even after years of seeing different therapists I had found myself constantly returning once again to things that I “thought” I had addressed. I think the key word with EFT is “Freedom.” Finally I have been able to truly see myself clearly and honestly address and release many things that have kept me in endless cycles.


(One EFT session improved poor self-esteem and depression)

You do clear issues with stunning speed. It’s amazing. I spent so much time working on my issues and I see now I never cleared them. Now I can feel I’m really going to heal all these things. My issues are clearing so fast it’s almost hard to believe. But I know it’s true.

T. Green (New York City)

(Three EFT sessions resolved mood swings)

There are no high highs or very low lows. I’m much more in a central place. That helps you see things. When you’re out to the extremes it’s hard to get a perspective on your emotions. When you’re close to the middle it’s easier to shift out of an emotion. It’s like when your face is in front of a wall. You can’t feel how it is to be far enough way to see the wall because you’re in it. I’ve worked on my issues for years with creeping success. 

Just the short while we’ve worked together it’s like night and day. I’m seeing what’s really possible for me for the first time in my life. It’s really exciting!

S. Henderson (Connecticut) 

(One EFT session cleared long-standing self-sabotaging behaviors about money and business):

Dear Shulamit,

It's truly amazing to even consider erasing “stuff” from years past in hours but in one session we did…..I feel lighter and healthier and my self-limiting belief about money is gone! I was plagued with that for years and no matter what I did I couldn’t clear it. By the end of our session I was laughing that I had actually believed that. 

You are very gifted.

J. Price (real estate entrepreneur, Texas)

(Two EFT sessions improved long-standing chronic fatigue syndrome):

Hi Shulamit.

Just wanted to let you know that after our session today when I returned home, I felt so much better. I am still wondering if I am just imagining this. But I did not feel as fatigued as I always do. I did a bunch of dishes sitting in my sink and cleaned up after my kids, etc. With no problem. I had NO ADRENALINE/TENSE feeling! I was talking to my mother and she says to me, "You sound good!" I told her about how I was feeling and she says she is very excited for me and still cannot believe this EFT can make such changes so quickly.

Lori G. (New Jersey) 

(One EFT session improved poor self-esteem and cleared procrastination):

Dear Shulamit,

The other day an incident happened that normally would have made me feel upset and scared. Instead, I felt calm and could flow with it. I felt adult and grounded. And I’m not procrastinating anymore! Wow, Shulamit, after just one session with you. I’m still pretty amazed.

Sylvia P. ( architect and interior decorator, New Jersey) 

(After one EFT phone session for perfectionism and rigidity):

Hi Shulamit,

I'm stunned by the clarifications of my thoughts. Normally I can’t sit still for two minutes but now I find myself relishing the few minutes I have during the early morning of pure peace and quiet. I've noticed issues we worked on that were such problems for so many years don't matter anymore. 

Anyway, I'm still in the "wow" moment. But I will get with you this week.

Carolyn A. (web sales manager, California) 

(Three EFT phone sessions resolved chronic anger):

Before my work with you there wasn’t the slightest little thing that wouldn’t set me off or make me angry. Now I just don’t go there. If I do get upset I know what it is and I’m able to shift out of it in a few minutes. I’ve been asking myself, is that how most of the people live? I’ve never been able to be there.

Pat (hospital supervisor, New Jersey) 

(Two EFT sessions resolved chronic anger):

My whole life I’ve been angry. It felt so stressful at work that I’d get lightheaded. I realize now I did it to myself. I’d let things there get to me but I couldn’t help it. I’d get so aggravated! Normally I’d be halfway to anger just getting in the car going to work. 

I was in so much a better place this week. I really felt the difference. Things didn’t change at work. They were happening as usual, but I just didn’t get triggered. I could feel some of what might have gone into anger begin, and then it just fizzled. It’s like my anger had no energy anymore to keep itself going.

Wow, this is amazing work!

C. Chang (laboratory technician, New Jersey)

 (After two EFT sessions improved poor self-esteem and fear of failure, a mom of a college age daughter wrote):

I am so glad she wants to do more sessions… the difference in her last weekend after your session with her was amazing…

Thanks so much for your great work.

Sue (New Jersey) 

(One EFT phone session cleared chronic severe test anxiety, perfectionism and self-criticism):

Hi Shulamit,

When it came to being nervous about the quiz, I definitely wasn’t at all. I was extremely calm and even though I knew I might have gotten some part of the questions wrong, I did not feel the utter dread I would have before our session.

Caitlin, (university student, Pennsylvania)

(After one EFT session for chronic procrastination):


OMG, I got so much done the day after our session. I had so much energy and I got my business moving like I always wanted to and I cleaned my house and I just wanted you to know how important our session was. I feel like there is nothing holding me back now! I can’t wait till our next session!

Erica (nutritionist, New Jersey) 

(One EFT session improved depression, enhanced poor self-esteem and cleared self-criticism):

You know, after our session I felt a bit crummy because of bringing up the past, but then three days later I realized I wasn't judging myself anymore. I used to feel I was boring but I don't anymore. I’m more verbal and expressive. I’ve been speaking up at meetings easily and I don’t think about what others are thinking about me. I just express my thoughts. I really feel lighter. It’s weird. Does that happen to other people you work with?

Lori (teacher, Connecticut) 

(One EFT phone session cleared chronic pain due to a long-standing shoulder injury):

Hi Shulamit,

I hope you’re doing well.

We’ve done a lot of work on so many issues, but I never realized that our bodies hold our issues the way you always said until we had the session for my shoulder pain. I injured it so long ago doing what I love that I think I just wanted to ignore it. I think that’s why I didn't tell you about it. I had the pain a long time so I went to the doctor and he said that my shoulder was filled with calcium crystals, and that if I kept on using it that way I would ruin my shoulder permanently. I thought that surgery was the only way to get rid of the pain. I was waking at night with it and it was present for my every day. I could barely raise my arm at the beginning of our session, but when we tapped on the issue of my family’s message to me that “life is serious and you can’t have fun without paying a price,” then the pain was gone. 

It’s amazing how we get our families’ issues into our bodies! What was even more amazing is that we never tapped about the pain itself! That was so eye opening to me. I wish I had told you about the injury but I guess I believed I needed to just accept it and I let it go for years. 

I feel so much freer now that we cleared that message but I still have to do the surgery since my shoulder is getting damaged.

Call you when I get back.

Marie T. (corporate staff developer, New York)

(After using EFT to clear personal performance blocks):

 Dear Shulamit,

You have the most incredible ability to know what is going on inside me before I even do. When you do EFT with me you say the words that are in me before I even know they are there. Your intuition is phenomenal and because of it I’ve been able to clear issues in amazingly short amounts of time.

You're very gifted,


(Five EFT phone sessions improved long-standing hives in cold weather):

Dear Shulamit,

Thanks for your work with me. I feel it is really making an impact on my life.

Today, in the snowstorm, I made a “snow person” with my kids. It was fun for the first time since I was 17 years old. I felt great being outside and being able to enjoy that time with them. I didn’t break out except for my legs a little. We are going skiing after Christmas and I am feeling like this could actually be a fun time for me.

Have a great holiday!

Rita D. (social Worker, New Jersey)

(One EFT session improved long-standing cocaine addiction):

Since our session I had the opportunity to get more cocaine and felt no desire for it. It was in my face and I didn’t want it!

John (inventor and industrial designer, New Jersey) 

(One EFT phone session improved long-standing binge eating):

I haven’t binged even once since our session. I do still have a desire for sweets but I don’t eat everything I find. I stop at one cookie. I used to eat the whole bag till my stomach hurt.

Sue (nurse, New Jersey) 

(Here’s a letter I got from a client and the follow up letter he sent to me that expresses this beautifully):

Dear Ms. Lazarus ,

Before anything, I’d like to briefly introduce myself. I’m a 16-year-old teenage guy. 

I would like to have your help. Though there is much more to it, the main issue I need help with is a binge-eating/overeating problem. My worst “binges” involving over a thousand calories in a sitting. My physique doesn’t really show my problem, and no one believes it if I told them, mostly because I eat excessively in private. I’m often disgusted with myself for remaining pathetically average when I know I’m capable of so much more. When I try a new diet or lifestyle change to get to my ultimate goal, I always fall of the wagon and fail.

Mrs. Lazarus, this is where I need your help. I need your help to find and dissolve whatever my inner issues are that cause me to do the negative, self-sabotaging things I do.

Best regards,

George (high school student,New Jersey)

(Six EFT phone sessions resolved his eating issues, core poor self-esteem, perfectionism, internal rigidity and poor body image. These were his comments after I read our first session’s notes to him): 

George comments:

When we first started our session I was binging almost twice daily to the point of pain in my stomach. I eat moderately now. I put down the food when I’m not hungry anymore and I walk away. When I hear you read the notes to me about how I was before our EFT sessions it almost feels like another person’s issues. 

I’m not affected by what my dad says now. Before he would make me feel bad about myself and I’d eat out of anger and disappointment. His comments would make me feel stressed and unworthy. I realize it’s how I feel about myself that’s more important, regardless of what he says. I also see what he’s done from another perspective now. I have compassion for him. He’s just doing what he thinks is best.

I used to avoid being social, because I always felt my friends didn’t think much of me. I felt I didn’t measure up and in the last week or so I've been going out with friends a lot and I feel I’m as good as anyone else. When we first started our sessions I felt insignificant. Now I know that I’m unique and I know that I’m a blend of qualities no one else has. 

I used to procrastinate because I was afraid to fail. I don’t feel the need to procrastinate anymore. Because even if I don't do well it won’t matter. I have so many beneficial qualities. SO IMAGINE...

(Three EFT phone sessions improved poor body image and cleared relationship issues):

Hi Shulamit, 

We've done just a few sessions and you helped me clean out big, long-standing issues that were limiting me in big ways. You knew exactly what the real issue was when for years it seemed like something else. You rock!

I've been in a state of joy all day! I feel like I can take on the world!

I'll call you next week to set up our next session.


Kathy. L (web designer, California) 

( One session of Interactive Guided Imagery immediately found the core issue behind emotional pain that felt impossible to heal)

"Caitlin" came to me because she was having problems getting pregnant. When Caitlin was fifteen years old her father revealed to her mother and siblings that he had stared another family and was living a double life for many years. When her father told her Caitlin was devastated. She felt incredibly betrayed. How could he do hat to me I felt so close to him. How could he hurt me like that?" Caitlin was carrying a lot of pain. She said she wanted to heal her pain but no matter what she did she couldn't heal it. I wanted to know more about what was stopping her from healing her pain so I did some imagery work with her.

I suggested that Caitlin allow an image to form of herself as a fully formed self. The person that she wants to be, with all the qualities that she wants for herself. Caitlin saw an image of a beautiful serene woman and described her to me. I then asked her to allow herself to the extent that shes' able to experience herself being her " fully formed self" . In a few moments Catlin said she couldn't. Whats' stopping you? " I asked her. I can't give up my pain. " Why not? I asked. She said' I've had this pain for so long I won't know who I was with out it.

Caitlin was surprised by the realization she had gotten form the imagery. Now she was that much closer to healing, an important peice of information was made conscious through her imagery.  I was able to more deeply understand Caitlin's issue and choose in Caitlin's case to help her heal her ingrained grief with a homeopathic remedy as well. I could tell when I saw her again that she had changed. Her face was rosey, her eyes shined and she smiled easily. The air around her was lighter. I had her touch base with Penelope as a measure of Caitlin's healing. This time she was able to fully embody and feel the serenity of Penelope and told me that Penelope was holding the string of a balloon and let it go. The balloon Caitlin said was her pain. Caitlin became pregnant in the next months.

( IGI found the real cause of heart palpitations and anxiety)

"Bernard" came to me for help with heart palpitations and anxiety. He had no history of heart problems and showed no abnormalities on clinical tests. His heart palpitations started several weeks before our session and then began to be followed by an anxious feeling that made him want to jump up and pace. His doctor had prescribed anti anxiety medication but Bernard hadn't started it yet. 

Bernard's doctor knew of my work with imagery and referred him to me in hope that I would be able to help Bernard with his problem. 

Bernard had been a vegetarian for many years and told me his acupuncturist told him he needed to bring animal food into his diet. Bernard began to eat fish said that the palpitations started weeks after .

I had Bernard allow an image to form of his heart problem and the image that came to him was a red heart that you would see on Valentine's day and it was cut in half. He realized immediately that he had a broken heart. When we continued having him interact with his images he got an image of eating his first bite of chicken. He got a flash memory that he had made a promise when he was a young man that he would never be the source of pain for an animal.

His images gave us the information that Bernard and his Doctor was lacking.
By working with his images and the beliefs held in them we were able to resolve his palpitations and his anxiety.

   health on all levels.

( Energetic Healing done for a severe episode of chronic bronchitis:)

 I came to Shulamit for energy healing because I was in a very bad bout of bronchitis. I'd suffered from an episode of bronchitis each year for years. I would get a telltale internal itching in my lung and would get near pneumonia and always end up on antibiotics. I could feel I was going into pneumonia and I felt I would have to take antibiotics again.  I didn't want to go that route anymore. I had done sessions before with others who told me they could energetically heal me but had no success.  I never felt any change at all. My health was always the same. I felt frustrated and just saw it as wasted money. Then someone told me about Shulamit's work so I figured I'd give energetic healing one more try. I wasn't expecting anything.  By the time I saw Shulamit,  I had been hacking and wheezing for two weeks and my left lung was itching internally. I felt I was close to pneumonia. 

In my first session with Shulamit, I didn't know what to expect since I had no changes with the other people who had worked on me. Almost immediately after Shulamit put her hands on me and began to work on me, the itching in my lung stopped. I found it hard to believe. By the end of the session with her I could breathe seventy five percent better and the congestion in my chest was nearly gone. That was amazing to me.  I healed quickly after that session with Shulamit and the next year I didn't have bronchitis at all! I believe in energy healing now and I strongly recommend energy work by Shulamit.

Joel  L. (Screen writer)

( Energetic Healing done for post operative pain and healing after cosmetic surgery:)

 I asked Shulamit to do healing sessions for me to help me heal faster after my cosmetic surgery. The surgery was extensive. My face was bandaged and swollen and I was in a lot of pain. Shulamit did an energy healing session on me every day for a week. When my doctor saw me at our followup appointment he remarked that I was healing amazingly fast. There's' no doubt to me that it was Shulamit's work that helped me heal faster and have less pain.

L. N. (Reflexologist)

( Energetic Healing healed longstanding pain and stiffness in the fingers and upper extremities:)

Mary is a guitarist who came to me for help with constant pain in her arms and pain and stiffness when she moved her fingers. She had been experiencing the pain for two years and when I first met her she had braces on each hand. She had been going to physical therapy for a few months and been faithfully doing her exercises but wasn't getting better.  

The first energy healing session I did for her I worked on balancing her whole energy field. By the end of our first energy healing session she was able to move her fingers with less pain. With each session we did after that I focused on her upper body, arms and fingers. By the end of each sessions she was able to move her fingers more easily and quickly. After several sessions she was able to get back her guitar and do what she loved the most.

It's been a year since I saw Mary. I recently bumped into her and found out that the work we did has held and she's still wailing away on her guitar.

( Energetic Healing resolved acute cancer pain and weakness from chemotherapy:)

" Anda" was a sweet elderly woman referred to me by an integrative doctor known for his work in alternative cancer therapies. Anda had come to the United States just for this alternative treatment. Anda had been experiencing extreme weakness from chemo therapy treatments and her integrative physician wanted for em to strengthen her before he did any treatments with her. When I first saw Anda she was pale and could  barely walk up the stairs to my office. After our healing session her face was rosier , she had some sparkle in her eyes and she was able to walk much more easily down the steps.  She told me she felt "stronger. " At our session two days later she reported " I slept so well the night of our session. It's the first good night I've had in a long time. " 

Because she was feeling better her doctor decided that it was ok for her to start treatment again. The chemotherapy was reduced and integrated into her alternative treatments. When I next saw Anda she was in acute pain from her cancer. I placed my hands where the area of pain was and balanced the area as well as her whole body. When the session was over she looked up at me brightly and with relief. " The minute you put your hands on me the pain went away. You don't know how gifted you are. 

I was very complimented by her comments but what was brought home to me was the fact that when we are in physical pain it's due to our energy field not flowing easily. When we balance an abnormal energy field we will have less physical pain.

( Energetic Healing done for leg swelling as a result of a knee injury:)

 Margret is a quiet gentle middle aged woman who came to me with an acute injury to her knee. She had swelling and stiffness of her knee for a week before our session. The day of our session she complained of swelling in her leg. I scanned her leg with my hands and could feel that the field around her injured leg was very weak compared to her other leg. I worked on balancing each part of her leg and foot on the injured side.  At the end of the session the field around her leg was strong. When I asked her how she felt she said. " I'm able to move my leg more easily and it doesn't feel swollen anymore."

Even though her injury was in her knee there were effects in other parts of her leg under it. I find that when there is an energy block to a part of the body its' not unusual to have symptoms in areas under it.



I hope its now. 


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